Argus Codewatch Eclipse Plug-in Project

Delivering better code

About the Plug-in

Argus is a highly integrated Eclipse plug-in. The purpose of this plug-in is to add additional Errors and Warnings to the Eclipse Framework, assisting Java programmers to create bug free, high quality code.

Obvious problems such as syntax errors are already detected by the Java compiler, and therefore will not be checked by Argus Codewatch. Instead, the plug-in tries to detect bad coding practices (such as unconditional loops) or violations of contract (such as when overriding Object.equals()).

This plug-in also provides a framework for adding new checks. This allows developers to easily add new checks as they see fit, or to provide quickfixes to existing checks. See here for more information.

Project Status

Currently the Argus Codewatch Eclipse Plug-in Project has alpha status. The platform for creating new codechecks and quickfixes has been created. The included codecheck and quickfixes, although useful, are only a start. If you have ideas for this project you are very welcome to post them at the Argus Site on sourceforge.

Argus Integrated Concept

The aim of the Argus Codewatch project is to let the plug-in blend seamlessly into the Eclipse Development Platform. The look and feel are the same as the built-in checks and quickfixes. This is achieved by supporting:

Argus Project Website

The SourceForge site of the Argus Project can be found here