Developer Guide

Guidelines for new Code checks and Quick fixes

Check our cheat sheets to quickly learn how to create your code checks and quick fixes. Look at plugin.xml for more documentation about how to describe your categories, code checks and quick fixes.

Argus Codewatch Internals

Argus Codewatch Code and the Clean Up Wizard

Since Eclipse 3.2, a wizard allow the user to automatically apply many quick fixes to its source code. Currently there is no defined extension point for this Clean Up wizard.

Building the Argus Codewatch plug-in

Building the plug-in is quick and easy. Go through the following steps:

  1. Clean the plug-in source: execute the Ant file clean.xml
  2. Clean the project: select "Project >> Clean..."
  3. Select the "arguscodewatch" project and select "Ok".

    Note: please wait until the source code is built

  4. Build plug-in source: build the plug-in source by executing the Ant file build.xml

    Note: please wait until PDE has exported the plug-in. Select the progress view to check the progress.

  5. Build plug-in: open site.xml in the "updatesite" project.
  6. Select and build the latest version of the "Argus Codewatch" feature.

Plug-in extension points

Plug-in API

Using the Argus Codewatch Eclipse Plug-in logo

Logo on black background:
Logo on white background: