Download the Argus Codewatch Eclipse Plug-in

Software Requirements

Currently, Eclipse 3.1 is the only supported Eclipse version for Argus Codewatch version < 0.8.x. Since 0.8.x, only Eclipse 3.2 is supported. The milestones for the Eclipse 3.2 release are actively tested, and so far no problems have been encountered with Eclipse 3.2. Versions of Eclipse prior to 3.1 are not supported.

Install using the Update Site

The best way of installing the plug-in is by using the update site function of eclipse. The following steps will guide you through the installation proces:

  1. select "Help >> Software Updates >> Find and Install..."
  2. select "Search for new features to install"
  3. press the "New Remote Site..." button
  4. enter the name and URL:

    Argus Codewatch Update Site;

  5. press the "Finish" button
  6. select the latest build and press "Next"
  7. select the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and press "Next" to accept the license agreement and to continue
  8. select the Argus Codewatch Feature and the correct Install Location and press "Finish"
  9. the Argus Codewatch Feature is not digitally signed, press "install" to continue
  10. the workbench needs to be restarted

Alternative: Manually install the Plug-in

If you plan to use a specific version of the plug-in you can download if directly from the file releases at SourceForge:

Installation Issues