Instantiating Boxed Primitives


Using static factory methods is preferred over using constructors, especially when using simple types. The virtual machine can cache such calls, or the method can return a reference to an already defined (immutable) Object instead of creating a new Object for every invocation.

Another advantage, though debatable, is the usage of == for factory-created types:
(new Boolean(true) == new Boolean(true))
will return false, but
(Boolean.valueOf(true) == Boolean.valueOf(true))
will return true.

Since 0.6


Bad code:

Good code:

Integer i = new Integer("5");
Integer i = Integer.valueOf("5");

Requires bindings

This code check requires Eclipse to resolve bindings. Enabling this code check increases build time.

Available quick fixes

The quick fixes for this code check replaces the new operator with a static method invocation.